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Since 2010, ForFarmers (one of Europe's leading feed industries) is an important customer.  Dr.FERM  developed for ForFarmers an innovative fermentation concept: Ferm4Farm. Dr.FERM is the exclusive fermentation specialist for implementing Ferm4Farm on pig farms in The Netherlands and East-Germany. More than 500,000 farrowings, 5,000,000 piglets and 2,500,000 grower finishers were already fed with Ferm4Farm. Innovation is our power!

Fermentation of raw Full-Fat Soybeans

Raw Full-Fat Soybeans can be fermented by an unique concept of Dr.FERM. This fermentation concept results in an upgraded product without the traditional heat treatment. The concept is available for both liquid fermentation as well solid-state-fermentation systems. Our fermentation process breaks down both heat-lable as well as heat-stable Anti-Nutritional-Factors like stachyose, raffinose, fytase, and allergens. In addition, pH and Acid-Binding-Capacity are reduced by the production of high amount of lactic acid. Dr.FERM advises farmers and feed mills how to implement this technology on-site. Upgraded Soy Products are extremely interesting for use in piglets, broilers, and aqua diets.  Innovation is our power!

Rapeseed Cake & Rapeseed Meal

In Europe, interest for local grown protein-rich raw materials is growing. Both farmers, as well feed mills are interested to look into alternatives for the import of (GMO) soy product. Dr.FERM tested the last years several protein-rich feedstuffs, like Yellow Peas, Beans, Sunflower Meal, and is recently also involved in a project focused on Rapeseed.  Innovation is our power!


Dr.FERM is the ideal partner for innovations. in 2021, first trials started focusing on the application of fermented raw materials & positive bacteria in poultry diets (broilers, layers). In literature dozens of studies are published in which fermented raw materials show beneficial effects on performance, efficiency, and health. Fermentation is needed for more healthy and efficient egg and meat production.  Innovation is our power!