Since 2010, ForFarmers (one of Europe's leading feed industries) is an important customer.  Dr.FERM  developed for ForFarmers an innovative fermentation concept: Ferm4Farm. Dr.FERM is the exclusive fermentation specialist for implementing Ferm4Farm on pig farms in The Netherlands and Germany. More than 400,000 farrowings, 4,000,000 piglets and 2,000,000 grower finishers were already fed with Ferm4Farm.

Innovation is our power!

Fermentation of raw Soy Products


Soybean meal, Soy hulls, Full Fat Soybeans..... An innovative fermentation concept of Dr.FERM makes it possible to upgrade these products without heat treatment. Especially pig integrator, feed industry and oil crushers are implementing fermentation units to upgrade the value and inclusion rate of soy-products in pig, poultry and aqua diets. Innovation is our power!

Fermentation of Raw Peas

Dr.FERM was hired by Van Asten Group (this well-known family operates 10 modern pig farms in The Netherlands and Germany). The project "Innovatieve Futter Fermentation" was supported by the German region Thüringen. Fermented raw peas were tested at piglets, grower-finishers and sows. 

Innovation is our power!

Fermented raw materials for poultry

Moistened feed | fermented raw materials have huge potential in poultry diets. Dr.FERM is the ideal partner for your integration to develop practical applications. Advantages of fermentation / moistened feed are very significant: better animal health, better feed conversion rate, cheaper diets.

Innovation is our power!

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