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Agrofeed Kft (Hungary)

Agrofeed Kft is an innovative feed company with focus on production of premixes and concentrates for pigs, poultry, and ruminants.

Dr.FERM is the know-how partner for Agrofeed regarding their innovation project "microbial fermentation of protein-rich, local produced, and GMO-free raw materials". In a three-year project the liquid microbial fermentation process of several raw materials will be studied in laboratory fermenters, as well as in large-scale WEDA fermenters. In addition, the effect of microbial fermented protein raw materials on the performance and health of piglets, broilers, and calves will be studied. Two PhD projects are part of this innovation project.

Innovation is our power!

Liquid Ferment adding to Poultry Feed

Dr.FERM is the ideal partner for innovations. In literature dozens of studies are published in which fermented raw materials show beneficial effects on performance, efficiency, and health of broilers and layers. Microbial fermentation is an ideal tool for more healthy and efficient production.  At the moment we run an intensive R&D programme, in which we study the effect of adding liquid ferment to dryfeed of poultry.  

Innovation is our power!

Liquid Ferment adding to Dairy Diets

We are working on the idea to ferment protein feedstuffs before they are consumed by dairy cows. Producing high amounts of milk every day is demanding high-digestible protein feedstuffs. The capacity of rumen system is running against the limits, pré-digestion by microbial fermentation in a fermentor offers extra "digestion time". 

Innovation is our power!

Black Soldier Flies Larvea

Dr.FERM experience in liquid diets for pigs, makes him the ideal innovation partner in optimising diets for BSFL production. The challenge is to stabilise and optimise digestion of the final diets, which are high in moisture and stored for up to 10 days in warm and high-moisture circumstances. Fermentation might be the key-factor to reduce feed costs in BSFL production. Dr.FERM is involved in several (small) tests in practice, to develop ideas and concepts in optimising feed rations and feed costs for production of BSFL. 

Innovation is our power!

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