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Dr.FERM offers you a total-approach for improving piglet health during nursery period and first days after weaning. Usable for dry-feed as well as liquid-feed farms. "A healthy piglet is made at birth" is my philosophy. It is crucial to start before birth. Therefore FERMhealth includes the sow just before and after farrowing as well. The newborn piglets get some days high amounts of positive bacteria. After 7 to 10 days, also a liquid fermented product (mini-fermenter) is daily added to the feed of the piglets. This total-approach contributes to a stable & preferred microbial population in gastro-intestinal tract of piglets. Better quality piglet with less Antibiotics and without high ZincOxide levels. Dozens of farms are using this concept already. You want to be the next one? Contact me.
WEDA mini-fermenter 
Stand-alone or Double Unit 

WEDA mini-fermenter 
Double Unit 2x 125L

WEDA mini-fermenter 2x 125 L in combination with WEDA-Nutrix+ for suckling piglets