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Fermentation of protein-rich raw materials has huge potential. Our concept degrades both heat-labile ANF's as well as heat-stable ANF's (phytate, stachyose, raffinose, sucrose, allergens). In stead of toasting/extruding we use FERMpro. Advantages: lower investment & production costs, independency of big multi-nationals, more constant quality end-product, better quality of end-product. Moreover, a lot of lactic acid is produced, resulting in lower pH and low acid-binding-capacity. FERMpro is based on unique combination of temperature, bacteria and enzymes. Besides raw full-fat soybeans, also soybean meal, soy-hulls, peas, beans, lupines can be fermented. Ideal for integrators, oil crushers, farmers, and feed plants. Interested? 

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Dr.FERM offers you a total-approach for improving piglet health during nursery period. Usable for dry-feed as well as liquid-feed farms. "A healthy piglet is made at birth" is my philosophy. It is crucial to start before birth. Therefore our concept includes the sow as well. The just-born piglets also get daily amount of positive bacteria. After 7 days, also a special fermented product is daily added into the feed of the piglets. This total-approach leads to a daily flux of positive bacteria and contributes to a stable & preferred microbial population in gastro-intestinal tract of piglets. Better quality piglet with less Antibiotics and without extra Zinc. Dozens of farms are using this concept already. You want to be the next one? Contact me.

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Fermentation significantly improves animal health and efficiency. Less antibiotics, no medicinal ZnO, better feed conversion and lower feed costs. Based on 25+ years experience, Dr.FERM can advice your company how to implement liquid and/or solid-state fermentation technology to improve the success of your company. In addition, there is a lot of know-how concerning use of raw materials, bacteria, enzymes, type of fermentation, application at farms, and developing unique products.

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Dr.FERM offers WEDA customers a subscription to check-up their fermentation unit. FERMsyst is based on an automatic daily transferring of all important parameters of the fermentation unit. Dr.FERM checks these data and report them 2-weekly to the customers. On this way, your company is secured of a good back-up and assistance (for example during the first period of starting-up a new fermentation unit). The subscription includes also know-how transfer by using  Skype, Whatsapp, and E-mail. On this way, a good check-up and consultancy is guaranteed world-wide.