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Fermentation of Soy Bean Products

Dr.FERM Ronald Scholten developed an unique fermentation concept.... In stead of toasting/extruding raw full fat soybeans we use FERMENTATION. Advantages: lower investment & production costs, independent of big multi-nationals, more constant quality end-product, better quality of end-product because also heat-stable ANFs like phytate, stachyose, raffinose, and allergens are broken down. On top of it, a lot of lactic acid is produced, resulting in lower pH and acid-binding-capacity. Dr.FERM concept is based on unique combination of temperature, bacteria and enzymes. Besides raw soybeans, also soybean meal, soy-hulls, peas, beans, lupines can be fermented.


We are searching companies who want to set up this unique concept and get the exclusive production and sales in a defined region. 

Dr. Ferm®

Dr. Ferm® is the new trademark of fermentation applications for the pig and poultry farmers. Main focus is to boost gastro-intestinal health of young animals as early as possible in their live. Ferment applications will be the new "game changer" in animal nutrition.  Innovation is our power!

Fermentation Bacteria: Dr.FERM RS-L

Dr.FERM has exclusive right to sell a special "fermentation bacteria". The patented system is ideal for on-farm use: a dry bacteria including nutrition is sold to customers. Customer add water to the dry bacteria, to activate and multiply them in 24-48 hours. By color-change (purple blue to yellow), the user knows when the activated bacteria can be used. A reliable concept; farmers using this concept produce every week several millions of liters of a healthy and tasty fermented soup, high in lactic acid and lactic acid bacteria.