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PIGS - Dr.FERM "in practice"

Dr.FERM has 20+ years experience in fermentation concepts for pigs. Our first projects were done on pig farms using liquid feeding. Liquid fermentation of feedstuffs was developped. Batch-fermentation, temperature 36-38C, addition of unique lactic acid bacteria, are the key-characteristics of our liquid fermentation concept. Inclusion of 10% up to 40% of these liquid fermented feedstuffs in pig diets resulted in improved feed conversion, less mortalitiy, less antibiotic use, no need for ZnO, and reduced feed costs. Based on these findings, we also developped concepts and products for use on dry feed farms, and for use around farrowing. 

Dr.FERM products are available in whole European Union, and are distributed by FermCare BV:

Dr.FERM is available for know-how projects world-wide. 

Please check the following subpages to get an impression of our products.
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