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"A good piglet is made around birth" is my experience.
Dr.FERM offers you PigCare : a concept that takes CARE of your sows and piglets. 
The concept can be used in 3 phases:
1) Sow: from 5-7 days before farrowing until 2-3 days after farrowing
2) New-born piglets: first 7 days as pure ferment into milk or electrolytes
3) Piglets: from day 8 adding liquid ferment (produced in a mini-fermenter), into the (pre)starter diet.
Dozens of farms are using this concept already. Because it works, it is a simple system (based on colour change), and it is affordable. You want to be the next one? 
The concept is usable for all sow farms: dry-feed, liquid feed, big farms, small farms, organic farms. The concept can be used in all types of technology: hand, semi-automatic, automatic, and all brands: WEDA, TeWe, Big Dutchman, Schauer, and so on.
WEDA mini-fermenter 
Stand-alone or Double Unit 

WEDA mini-fermenter 
Double Unit 2x 125L

Minifermenter en voerkar.png
Mini-fermenter + feeding car to feed
sows and piglets liquid ferment
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