Ronald Scholten, Phd. 
Owner Dr.FERM, Fermentation Consultant

Ronald has 25+ years experience in microbial fermentation, liquid feeding, and liquid co-products in pig nutrition. He worked 6 years on a Research Farm in The Netherlands, where he also finished his PhD project "Fermentation of Liquid Diets for Pigs" (2001). Ronald worked 3 years in a feed company as Head of Nutrition. After that he co-owned / managed during 8 years several pig farms in Hungary.
In 2010, he decided to focus on microbial fermentation: Dr. FERM Kft was grounded. THE knowhow company in microbial fermentation concepts for animal protein production (pigs, poultry, calves, dairy, aqua, insects).
Anikó Karsai

Anikó is co-owner of Dr.FERM, and responsible for the "office activities", product control and handling.