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Since 2010, ForFarmers (one of Europe's leading feed industries) is one of the important customers of Dr.FERM. Dr.FERM had the honour to develop for ForFarmers a liquid microbial fermentation concept: Ferm4Farm. Untill today, Dr.FERM is the exclusive fermentation specialist for implementing the Ferm4Farm concept on pig farms using liquid feeding in The Netherlands and East-Germany. On a yearly base more than 250,000 tonnes liquid ferment is produced.

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Fermentation of protein-rich raw materials has huge potential. Our concept degrades both heat-labile ANF's as well as heat-stable ANF's (phytate, stachyose, raffinose, sucrose, allergens). In stead of toasting/extruding we use FERMpro. Advantages: lower investment & production costs, independency of big multi-nationals, more constant quality end-product, better quality of end-product. Moreover, a lot of lactic acid is produced, resulting in lower pH and low acid-binding-capacity. FERMpro is based on unique combination of temperature, bacteria and enzymes. Besides raw full-fat soybeans, also soybean meal, soy-hulls, peas, beans, rapeseed meal/cake, sunflower meal/cake, and lupines can be fermented. Ideal for integrators, oil crushers, farmers, and feed plants. Interested? 

Spraying RS-L HEALTH on broiler feed 

In Q3 2021 and Q1 2022, Dr.FERM did trials on commercial broiler farm to test the effect of spraying of RS-L HEALTH (mixture of Lactic Acid Bacteria) on broiler diets. In both trials there was an positive effect on Feed Conversion Rate.

In literature dozens of studies are published in which fermented raw materials and/or positive bacteria show beneficial effects on performance, efficiency, and health. 

In addition, there are also farmers who spray the RS-L HEALTH in the air (mist).