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DF Basic


DF Basic is our starter culture for liquid fermentations based on cereals. These are "basic" fermentations with a relative low-risk. 

DF MaxPro


Microbial fermentation of protein-rich raw materials has huge potential. Microbial fermentation degrades both heat-labile ANF's as well as heat-stable ANF's (phytate, stachyose, raffinose, sucrose, allergens). In stead of toasting/extruding Dr.FERM is THE specialist in microbial fermentation as natural method to upgrade raw materials. Advantages: lower investment & production costs, independent of big multi-nationals (crushers), more constant quality end-product, better quality of end-product. Moreover, a lot of lactic acid is produced, resulting in lower pH and low acid-binding-capacity. DF MaxPro is developped especially to ferment protein-rich feedstuffs. Besides raw full-fat soybeans, also soybean meal, soy-hulls, peas, beans, rapeseed meal/cake, sunflower meal/cake, and lupines can be fermented. Ideal for integrators, oil crushers, farmers, and feed plants. 

DF Solid

Microbial fermentation can be done as "liquid" (our products DF Basic or DF MaxPro) but also as "Solid-State Fermentation" (SSF). SSF is done at a moisture content of 35-40% to allow special lactic acid bacteria to grow quickly. Dr.FERM has a R&D programme focused on SSF. We believe SSF is an ideal method to produce large quantities of microbial fermented protein-rich feedstuffs. Both on-farm as well as on-feedmill. For the application we developped a special starter culture, called DF Solid.

Interested in one of our unique products?
Our products are available in Europe: our exclusive distributor is FermCare BV, . Outside Europe we registrate our products in more and more countries. 
Our prices include independent on-line consultancy regarding the fermentation process itselves and also the diet composition. All our starter culture products are based on an unique "activation system". Simple, easy to control (colour change), and affordable. 
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