"Fermentation = healthy efficiency"


Innovation is our power! Dr.FERM offers his know-how and concepts to feed mills, integrators, farmers, crushers all over the world.  Also complete projects, starting from an idea up to R&D work, farm trials, and implementation on-site, can be offered. All based on the demands of the customer. For some example projects, click "more info".




Dr.FERM has 25+ years experience in liquid feed, liquid co-products, and fermentation. We offer our customers  "innovative fermentation solutions". Both in liquid fermentation as well as solid-state-fermentation we offer practical know-how. Fermentation is a 100% natural and sustainable process, giving more healthy and efficient animal protein production. Applications for pigs, poultry, calves, aqua, and insects. An overview of some of Dr.FERM innovative products you will find in "more info".





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