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"Fermentation = 100% natural and sustainable process
that improves animal health & efficiency"


Innovation is our power! Dr.FERM is involved in several innovative fermentation projects. World-wide (Europe, Asia, North- & South America) interest in fermentation is increasing. Piglets, grower-finishers, and sows are fed already fermented raw materials. Save every year € 50,000 per 1,000 sows including piglets! 

But also the possibilities in poultry and aquaculture are huge. Contact me and we look together how we can implement innovative fermentation in your company! For some example projects, click "more info".




Dr.FERM has 25+ years experience in liquid feed, liquid co-products, and fermentation. His knowhow from both science as well practice, results in good and usable  "innovative fermentation solutions". Fermentation is 100% natural and sustainable process resulting in more healthy and efficient animal production. Look at some of Dr.FERM innovative products.