-some examples-

On-farm fermentation soybean / canola

Dr.FERM Canada.... A joint-venture between Purifico System Partners and Dr.FERM. This JV will focus on both liquid as well solid-state fermentation. An unique on-farm fermentation concept to upgrade cold-pressed soybean and canola, will be marketed. Fermentation makes it possible to use these cold-pressed products in pig- and poultry diets. 

Innovation is our power!

Solid-State Fermentation for Shrimps

Dr.FERM is the ideal partner for  farmers, and feed mills to develop practical applications. To replace expensive fish meal, or to upgrade soybean meal, fermentation is an interesting technology in shrimp / aqua production. In Ecuador, Dr.FERM is involved in production of solid-state fermented soybean meal. We introduce a concept, in which not only performance efficiency, but also the gut health is improved. Fermentation is a game-changer for aqua and shrimp production. 

Innovation is our power!

New Market: Insects

Dr.FERM is the ideal partner for innovation and practical fermentation applications. Because fermentation is a kind of "extra digestion time", it is interesting from efficiency point of view. How shorter the gastro-intestinal tract, how more beneficial is extra digestion time. Insects have a very short retention time of feed inside the intestinal tract. Literature shows benefits of the fermentation of raw materials.  Fermentation is a game-changer for animal protein production.  Innovation is our power!

WEDA fermenter set double in combi with Nutrix.jpg
WEDA mini-fermenter

Dr.FERM developped a fermentation concept for suckling piglets: mini-fermenter. Batches of 100 to 200 kg liquid ferment can be produced, on-farm. Special liquid bacteria RS-L HEALTH is used to produce optimal ferment. This liquid ferment is included in the final dry or liquid diet. Started in The Netherlands and Germany, the concept pops-up in a increasing number of countries. Fermentation is a game-changer for healthy piglet production.  Innovation is our power!