Unique Concept Bacteria
Dr.FERM got exclusive world-wide right to sell an unique bacteria concept. The patented system is ideal for on-site use. Let me explain. The product contains a dry bacteria including nutrition. This allows long-time storage at customer. When the bacteria are needed, the customer adds lukewarm water to the product: the bacteria will grow and are fully activated. Activated bacteria give the best results. The patented system allows the user to see when the bacteria are ready to use: when the color changed from purple/blue into yellow, the bacteria can be used. An easy and reliable concept!!  Unique in the world.
Dr.FERM offers several products, all designed for their own applications. In general, the products are available in 5 liter cans, 500 gram refill bags, or 100 ml bins. Interested? 

bacterie leeg.jpg
Bacterie paars.jpg
bacterie geel.jpg
An easy and reliable concept, which can be used for liquid fermentation or solid-state fermentation. This product contains two different strains of L.Plantarum. In practice, this product is used on farms producing 250,000 mTons liquid ferment on yearly base.

This product is mainly used for young animals (piglets, broilers, aqua) and contains three different strains: E.Faecium, 2 types of L.Plantarum.  The product can be used in fermentation's, in milk or electrolytes, as spraying substance for dry feed or spraying in the air. 

A special combination of bacteria strains: E.Faectium, L.Buchneri. This mixture optimize the preservation of corn-cob-mix, or wet corn silage's. Suitable for animals as well as biogas corn.

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