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"Highly-concentrated ferment" is positive for maintaining good hygiene in dry or liquid feed.
Dr.FERM offers you Care4Feed : a ferment concept that takes CARE of your feed
This concept can be used in both liquid diets as well as dry diets or feedstuffs. Care4Feed is liquid and easily to pump (liquid diets) or spray (dry feed or feedstuffs). Our experiences show that hygienic quality is better maintained and consequently the number of unwanted microbes in the gastrointestinal tract will be reduced. This mostly results in better performance and/or wellbeing of the pigs. 
The concept is usable for all pig farms: dry-feed, liquid feed, big farms, small farms, organic farms. The liquid Care4Feed ferment is very easy applicable: via pump (liquid diets) or pump + nozzle (dry feed or feedstuffs). Low investment, low costs, very effective.
WEDA mini-fermenter 
Stand-alone or Double Unit 

WEDA mini-fermenter 
Double Unit 2x 125L

WEDA mini-fermenter 2x 125 L in combination with WEDA-Nutrix+ for suckling piglets
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