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ProBioTa P40 
“The magic Tab"

ProBioTa P40
Probiotics in a tablet form, that is ProBioTa. “The magic Tab” contains a huge amount of probiotics: 40 billion! 
“The magic Tab” is easily dissolving in fluids (liquid feed, water, milk, electrolytes, ……) and very easy and quickly to use. ProBioTa P40 supports an efficient and healthy gastrointestinal functioning. This is crucial for optimal performance, good health, and wellbeing of the pigs. ProBioTa P40 supports the recovery after illness, supporting immune system around/after antibiotic treatment or dealing with stress situations.
Trials and experiences in practice show better feed conversion rate and higher daily gain. Sick pigs show quicker recovery after using probiotics.
Dozens of pig farms are using this product already. Because it works, You want to be the next one? 
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